Custom Manufacturing

Beyond our capability to produce our 40+ 'stock' products, we also are able to custom manufacture a wide variety of specialty products for acoustical engineers, consultants, designers, architects and builders.

We work collaboratively with your design team to help with final product design, prototypes and samples--all the way through to the full production run and final shipping.  Contact one of our project managers for a price quote to build your unique product or system.  Our main areas of expertise are wood (fine hardwoods, lumber, particle board, MDF, plywood, etc.), fiberglass (medium density, resin-free), plastic (ABS, PVC, vinyl), and wire cloth.  We can finish almost any object fabricated from those materials using a number of different fabrics and textiles, ranging from acoustically transparent designer cloth to water-resistant meshes and skins.   While delivering the product according to your specifications, we always require three traits from items we manufacture:

1. acoustically neutral (does not contribute negatively to the sound of the space)

2. fiber-sealed (no loose fibers of any type)

3. structurally and functionally robust (10+ year expected lifespan under normal usage)


ASC's attention to minimizing industrial impact on the environment was recognized in 2015 when a "No Exposure Certification" was awarded by the DEQ subsequent to a thorough analysis of ASC's lack of contributing pollutants to local waterways.  ASC manufacturers all its products at the Eugene, OR headquarters.  We do not consign the manufacturing of any products out of the country.  Everything we sell is 100% made in the USA.  Nearly all the raw materials we use are also made in the USA.