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Acoustic Consulting

We've designed  and treated the acoustics in rooms for 30 years all over the world. We can help you with your project.

  • Recording Studios
  • Listening Rooms
  • Churches
  • Restaurants

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Engineering and Consulting

Mr. Noxon is listed on the DEQ referral consultant list for community noise and is a consultant to OSHA for employee noise and vibration exposure. He has completed over 400 industrial noise control projects in the central Oregon area, produced numerous land-use planning and impact studies and provided technical research and expert witness testimony for legal counsel. He is president of Acoustic Sciences Corporation, which employs up to 20 people to design and manufacture architectural, audio and government acoustic and noise control products. His formal training includes a BS in Mechanical Engineering, an MSME in Acoustics and an MS in Physics.


Research and Development

We are always searching for better ways of doing things. How can we improve performance, or find a new solution to an existing problem.  Our pursuit of excellence in all we do reflects in our products and services.


Product Design

You need an acoustic widget, something that works and you need it fast. You can’t find it in the catalogs or the back of trade magazines and it doesn’t show up on Google searches. Now what?


Custom Manufacturing

Beyond our capability to produce our 40+ 'stock' products, we also are able to custom manufacture a wide variety of specialty products for acoustical engineers, consultants, designers, architects and builders.

We work collaboratively with your design team to help with final product design, prototypes and samples—all the way through to the full production run and final shipping.