Quarter Round TubeTrap

When space is at a premium, we must make the most of what ever we can get. Quarter Round TubeTraps are some of the most efficient corner bass traps available, giving you very high performance in a form-fitting package. 

Quarter Round TubeTraps in studio

Fractional TubeTraps

The TubeTrap is the first and foremost corner loaded bass trap in the audio industry. It was only natural that ASC would adapt the same technology to fit flush into corners, walls and ceilings. Art Noxon, inventor of the revered TubeTrap, went to work on the physics and before long, the Fractional TubeTrap was born.

Used mainly by audiophiles and recording engineers, the Fractional TubeTrap is used to fine tune room acoustics. Built-in diffusive wide angle treble backscattering above 400Hz and absorption down to 55Hz maintain room brightness and enhances detail and articulation as well as image resolution. ASC custom builds your Fractional just the way you want it, because no two rooms are exactly alike.

Our Project Advisors might suggest the inclusion of Fractionals as part of an overall acoustic package. Fractionals are connectable and stackable and can be used practically anywhere you need acoustic control. We often work with clients to customize and unify our product with their vision. You always get expert advice from folks who know audio acoustics inside and out. The end result is a win-win for everyone involved.

Quarter Round TubeTrap Quarter Round TubeTraps - Listening Room



Quarter Rounds* 2′ 3′ 4′ 5′ 6′ 7′ 8′
9″ (110 Hz) $413 $435 $507 $597 $688 $750 $793
11″ (90 Hz) $442 $472 $525 $645 $709 $769 $816
13″ (70 Hz) $507 $547 $622 $723 $758 $820 $921
16″ (55 Hz) $592 $654 $694 $797 $866 $934 $1003
20″ (40 Hz) $656 $724 $782 $883 $975 $1026 $1103
24″ (25 Hz) $729 $798 $868 $953 $1036 $1121 $1240
   (ship via truck freight)