MonitorStand - now IsoThermal!

Tired of floor-ceiling reflections and vertical resonant modes wreaking havoc with your monitor response? You can achieve broadband acoustic improvement using this specially adapted set of TubeTraps designed just for monitors.

The MonitorStand is a broadband absorptive product, built without diffusers.

Two types of MonitorStands are used in the construction of your "Monitor Stack": Tops and Bases.  Standard sizing for Tops is 18" height, and standard sizing for Bases is 42" height.  This combination works well for the majority of mixing setups, elevating the acoustic center of the reference monitor loudspeaker to be level with the ears of the engineer.  Customizing the height of the Base unit is frequently done to accommodate unusual loudspeaker shapes and sizes.

Tops are smaller, and allow the bass wavefront to be mildly absorbed and then rapidly weakened through expansion and diffusion over the top of the stack.  As of 2016, MonitorStand Tops are equipped with an IsoThermal upgrade, nearly doubling their absorbing power below 200 Hz.

Bases are large, structurally reinforced units designed to withstand the weight of today's self amplified reference loudspeakers.  The absorptive properties are also optimized for the function of eliminating floor-to-ceiling resonance: individually sealed pressure chambers contained within each unit allow for maximized absorption, independent of proximity to the loudspeaker.  Combined with the complimentary IsoThermal upgrade, this provides for extremely rapid damping of vertical energy in the plane of the speaker.

Our mentality is: "launch a clean wave, and half the acoustic battle is won."  The MonitorStand arrangement is a quintessential demonstration of this concept.


  • Control Rooms
  • Home Studios
  • Mastering Suites
  • Post Production Facilities


How It Works

Studio monitors are nested into a Monitor Stack, comprised of specially built TubeTraps. A typical monitor on a stand is located about half way between the floor and the ceiling. The floor/ceiling bounce returns back to the monitor in a phase. This imposes a phase cancel effect on the speaker’s efficiency, typically, the first cut is 74 Hz for 8’ ceilings, then, the engineer boosts 74 Hz in the mix unnecessarily.

The Monitor Stack upsets the vertical symmetry in the room.


The lower Trap absorbs bass, the upper Trap is short of the ceiling and vents bass. The combination eliminates the phase cancel effect and the engineer works in a linear environment.Whether part of an ASC ATTACK Wall system or in a stand-alone configuration, ASC MonitorStands give you more than just simple support for the physical placement of your monitoring system. The ASC MonitorStand dramatically improves the monitor and room accuracy.


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MonitorStand Base - 42"  Height*              MonitorStand Top = 18" Height*

11" Model Base:  $665/ea                                   11" Model Top:  $479/ea

13" Model Base: $699/ea                                    13" Model Top:  $499/ea

16" Model Base: $899/ea                                    16" Model Top:  $599/ea 

20" Model Base: $1110/ea                                  20" Model Top: $933/ea

24" Model Base: $1360/ea                                  24" Model Top: $1117/ea

*custom heights available up to 48"

prices subject to change without notice - please refer to the master price list for most current pricing