Iso-Wall System

Regardless of whether you are building a dedicated HiFi listening room, a professional recording/mixing studio, or a home theater, ASC's Iso-Wall soundproofing + sound conditioning system is the solution for you.

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Our Iso-Wall system is meticulously engineered for optimal musical acoustic quality, both live and playback. Utilizing the tried-and-true soundproofing technique of building a floating double wall, the ASC Iso-Wall system takes performance a step further. By including viscoelastic damping at key joints of the assembly and prescribing construction methods to best utilize the damping properties, the Iso-Wall system provides deep bass absorption along with improved sound isolation. In our humble opinion, there is no better product for the construction of listening rooms and recording studios .

This unique construction system has been developed over 25 years within the design and building of ultra-high performance audio playback rooms and professional recording studios. This proven system has become a requirement in the construction of many custom home theater and hifi audio rooms.

Typical construction methods are simply not adequate for handling the high sound pressure levels delivered by today's top-of-the-line loudspeakers, subwoofers, and full-range studio monitors. The IsoWall system was designed from the onset with high-level musical playback in mind. Users of Wilson loudspeakers, JL Audio Subwoofers, and any other sound reproduction system capable of 100+ dB in the ~20 Hz range absolutely need structural damping to enjoy the full capabilities of their system. The ASC Iso-Wall is one of the few construction systems to adequately deliver.


  • Recording Studios
  • Music Practice Rooms
  • Home Theaters
  • Dedicated Audiophile Listening Rooms
  • Mixing / Post Production Suites
  • Multi-Unit Common Walls for Condos & Offices

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How It Works

Keeping Sound From Traveling Through a Structure

There are three methods:

  • Block the sound by increasing the mass (thickness & density) of the walls & ceiling.
  • Minimize the transmission paths for vibrations and sound to travel though.
  • Absorb & damp vibration energy throughout the structural elements.


ASC's proprietary Iso-Wall System incorporates all three of these methods:

  • More than doubles the Mass
  • Isolated "floating" wall & ceilings
  • Walldamp vibration absorbing compounds used throughout


The ASC Iso-Wall uses a proven soundproofing method called resilient channel to isolate the interior walls of a room. We then improved the idea by adding low frequency sound damping and vibration control. The result, installed in hundreds of high end audio rooms, is the only soundproofing system engineered for high volume audio playback.

By utilizing our proprietary WallDamp material (a visco-elastic polymer) throughout the system, low frequency sound energy is absorbed into the wall. This reduces bass feedback and shuddering walls, and results in a clean, rich sound with well-balanced frequency response.



With the Walldamp Iso-Wall System, you get walls & ceilings that reduce sound transmission by 20dB or greater compared to standard interior walls. That is more than quadruple the perceived sound volume reduction, which is what makes our wall system the highest available using standard single-stud construction. Internally, the walls are tempered to move with the air pressure of bass frequencies. Where a rigid wall would shudder at high volumes (similar to the distortion in an overdriven speaker) and raise the noise floor of the room considerably, an IsoWall will "bend" with the pressure and absorb the sub bass sound wave while allowing the bass waves to reverberate cleanly. 


IsoWall Calculator

SoundProofing and Sound Conditioning

WallDamp Squares 4″ x 4″ x 1/20″ (25 per bundle) $34
WallDamp Strips 1.5″ x 48″ x 1/20″ (100 lf per bundle) $126
WallDamp Strips 1″ x 48″ x 1/20″ (100 lf per bundle) $105

To estimate how much WallDamp you will require, use the following tools:


Typically, we estimate the cost of IsoWall at $6-8 per sq ft of wall/ceiling surface area, with larger rooms generally providing a lower cost per square foot.  Here are three common examples:

Consider a 20' x 14' x 9' dedicated HiFi listening room with one standard size (30" x 78") entry door and three 6' doors and three picture windows sized 24" x 48".  The IsoWall components for this room would cost about $4,200.

Consider a 24' x 17' x 11' Control Room + Mastering suite with two equipment-ready doors sized 3' x 7' and a large window (4' x 5') into the vocal booth.  The IsoWall components for this room would cost about $5,850.

Consider a 13' x 10' x 8' bedroom studio/theater/listening room with a single entry door (30" x 78") and a side bathroom door (28" x 78") plus two exterior single hung windows sized 20" x 36".  The IsoWall components for this room would cost about $2,400.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The IsoWall package does NOT include drywall or fasteners.  Please support your local economy by sourcing these from your nearest interior supply house.

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Iso-Wall room with ceiling drywall installed, first layer + WallDamp Squares