Industrial SoundFence

ASC SoundFence is a cost effective outdoor noise barrier and absorber ideally suited for surrounding noisy equipment.

If you have outdoor compressors, transformers or HVAC equipment in close proximity to residential areas, the odds are good that you need an ASC SoundFence. There are many types of noise barriers available, but none of them absorb noise like the SoundFence. They also share a common theme: high cost. The SoundFence gets the job done better while costing a fraction of comparable barrier systems.

acoustic fences acoustic fenceTurns Noise into Heat Energy

A typical block wall will bounce sound upward where it can recurve back to ground level a short distance away. The block wall can also tend to amplify the sound as well. The SoundFence is different. As noise hits the SoundFence absorption panels, it enters the medium density fiberglass mesh where it is permanently dissipated in the form of heat. Instead of bouncing off the surface, it goes away and is not heard from again.


  • Industrial Motor Noise
  • Blower Noise Abatement
  • Refrigeration Unit Noise