Fractional TubeTraps

When space is at a premium, the Fractional TubeTrap allows the most efficient bass traps available to fit in the corner or flush against a wall.  HalfRound and QuarterRounds also offer an appealing decor option.

The TubeTrap is the first and foremost corner loaded bass trap in the audio industry. It was only natural that ASC would adapt the same technology to fit flush into corners, walls and ceilings.

Art Noxon, inventor of the revered TubeTrap, went to work on the physics and before long, the Fractional TubeTrap was born. Used mainly by audiophiles and recording engineers, the Fractional TubeTrap is used to fine tune room acoustics. Built-in diffusive wide angle treble backscattering above 400Hz and absorption down to 20Hz maintain room brightness and enhances detail and articulation as well as image resolution.

Fractionals come in two standard forms, the HalfRound and QuarterRound.  Model diameters include: 9", 11", 13", 16", 20", and 24".  It is important to remember that Fractional TubeTrap models are named after the Full Round TubeTrap with a matching diameter (for example, a 20" QuarterRound TubeTrap protrudes 10" from the corner).

ASC custom builds all Fractional TubeTraps just the way you want them, because no two rooms are exactly alike. 

Half Round TubeTraps - Ambient Studio   Half Round TubeTraps - Grace Recording Studio
Quarter Round TubeTraps - Listening Room   Quarter Round TubeTrap