Designed For Home Theaters

...but useful in any application where appearance is of the utmost importance.  Repeated requests from Architects inspired our R & D department to design a sound absorbing panel which met three goals: 1) bring sonic and visual calmness, 2) blend well into a home theater, and 3) pass the WAF. We tried dozens of ideas, polling staff, consultants, and customers alike to find the broadest aesthetic appeal.

Finally, we arrived at the CinemaPanel.  At 2" thickness, this panel will not require adjustment of your seating arrangement to fit.  The standard size is 12" x 48" and can be mounted vertically or horizontally depending on your visual and sonic needs. Line both walls of your Theater room with CinemaPanels spaced about one foot apart to bring the true cinema experience to your Home Theater. Lose yourself in the movie as the 3D imaging is perfectly tuned for every seat in the room.


Cinema Panels serve a variety of roles beyond use in Home Theaters:

  • Sidewall reflection control in HiFi use
  • Live room flutter echo control in Studio use
  • Reverberation control in band/rehearsal rooms
  • Praise band stage noise control in churches
  • Rear wall diffusion for Control room use
  • General reverberation control throughout the home

Each panel is:

  • Hand made to order in Eugene, Oregon
  • Easily mountable on any wall using a simple hanger screw
  • Tuned to maintain ambience through treble diffusion
  • Covered in durable Guilford of Maine fabric
  • Low profile with minimal intrusion into room
  • Designed to blend seamlessly with existing decor


How It Works


At their core, CinemaPanels are sound absorbing panels made from medium density fiberglass. By the time they reach you, however, they are much more than just fiberglass.

Precise machining and hardening is used to achieve the classic edge bevel which defines the CinemaPanel look.  All fibers are then sealed tightly within the unit, preventing leakage of irritating fibers throughout the lifetime of the product.  It is important at ASC that the health and comfort of our customers is not compromised in the name of acoustic treatment. It is also important that our products provide the intended acoustic function.  Our choices of adhesive and fiber-seal material allow the fibers to stay trapped and the sound to be absorbed.

ASC includes specular HF diffusion in each panel, giving you a bright and lively theater experience.  Since the CinemaPanel has a flat absorption response curve above approximately 300 Hz, your room will not be over-deadened.  The 50% efficiency rolloff is 190 Hz.

The rear of each CinemaPanel is finished with clean black fabric, suitable for permanent glue-up applications if desired.  Mounting grommets are included for use with a hanger screw, for easy horizontal or vertical mounting.

Install Kits

ASC sells an optional Panel Screw Install Tool Kit for $20. In some cases where the Panel could be bumped into, screws are installed directly through the face. This Tool Kit is only for that type of installation. Regardless of whether you opt for this handy Kit, your install hardware and install guide are free with purchase.



Absorption Coefficients

(testing done in-house by ASC)

125Hz 250Hz 500Hz 1000Hz 2000Hz 4000Hz NRC
0.14 0.81 1.10 1.07 1.03 1.01 1.00



CinemaPanel (190 Hz) 2″ x 12″ x 48″ are $149 each!