AttackWall Starter Kit

Achieve Vertical Mode Control without breaking your budget with our entry-level AttackWall, the world-class mixing environment.

AttackWall Starter Kit

The AttackWall Starter Kit is designed for mixers and engineers who want to start taking advantage of the AttackWall benefits without buying the entire package at once.

Take advantage of the modularity of the AttackWall system by getting your MonitorStands and a set of StudioTraps for each monitor as the basis of a whole AttackWall system.

The AttackWall Starter Kit will produce a dramatic difference in your mixing environment by providing Vertical Mode Control, one of the key benefits of the AttackWall System.


  • Tracking
  • Mixing 
  • Post Production
  • Sound Design

How It Works

Vertical Mode Control

Problem: Speaker Vertical Phase Cancelling

Solution: Control Vertical Modes with Monitor Stands


A typical monitor on a stand is located about halfway between the floor and the ceiling (left). The floor/ceiling bounce returns back to the monitor in a phase. This imposes a phase cancellation effect on the speaker's efficiency. Typically, the first cut is 74 hz for 8' ceilings. The engineer often boosts 74 Hz in the mix unnecessarily.


Studio monitors are nexted into a Monitor Stack, comprised of specially built TubeTraps (right). The Monitor Stack upsets the vertical symmetry in the room. The lower trap absorbs bass, the upper trap is short of the ceiling and vents bass. The combination eliminates the phase cancel effect and the engineer works in a linear environment.


The Starter AttackWall Kit consists of (4) StudioTraps and (2) 13" MonitorStacks for a cost of $4,756.00.