AttackWall Standard Kit

The Standard Kit provides a solid platform for mixing and mastering audio. Experience the benefits of Vertical Mode Control, Early Side/Front Reflection Control, Time Delayed Backfill, and Wall Loaded Mains with this popular AttackWall configuration.

AttackWall - Standard Kit

After you hear it, you won't want to work anywhere else. And when it's time to move, just pack it up into the moving van with the rest of your gear and put it back together again when you get to your next studio space. It always sounds the same, perfect, and no adjustments are needed.

The AttackWall is being used today by the biggest names in the industry, such as Bruce Swedien, Brian Vibberts, Dave Kutch, Gary Lux, Mick Guzauski, Stuart White, and many others.


  • Tracking
  • Mixing 
  • Post Production
  • Sound Design

How It Works

early side reflections controlled by AttackWall acoustics

Early Side Reflection Control

The AttackWall wraps around the console and engineer so neatly that very little sound escapes outside of the Wall. Early side reflections are controlled within the Walls' absorptive inner boundaries creating a reflection free zone right in the middle of the room, any room. 

The side walls of the AttackWall extend past the bolster of the console and engineer's head. This casts a huge acoustic shadow onto the wall, eliminating wall reflections and other lateral energy from getting to the mix position. In studios with wall mounted acoustics the wall reflections are usually controlled by absorbing wall panels, but here, sound can't get to the walls so sound panels aren't necessary. When lateral wall reflections are eliminated, excellent tonal reproduction and precise imaging is achieved.


Wall Loaded Mains

horn loading

ATTACK wall bass venting

The AttackWall loads bass just like the built-in main found in a downtown studio. StudioTraps fit tight to the sides of the speaker to create a corner-loading short horn. This increases the efficiency of the speaker and projects the bass. With the absorptive side of the StudioTraps facing there is no "horn coloration" added to the direct signal. The AttackWall setup results in a bass loading horn that is lined with treble range absorption.

This type of horn loading is designed to be strong in the horizontal plane but weak in the vertical direction. The horn is vented above and below AttackWall just before the expanding bass wave hits the floor or ceiling. This gives a soft bounce effect as the bass wave wraps around the AttackWall and expands into the rest of the room. Although bass levels can be held high inside the wall, the bass is more than 10dB lower outside the wall and dramatically reduces the boom that gets out of the room.

The StudioTraps in the AttackWall can also easily be moved into the Quick Sound Field arrangement, making a recording space that will hold up in any room. 



The Standard AttackWall Kit consists of (12) StudioTraps and (2) 13" MonitorStacks for a cost of $9,468.00.