The AttackWall

Work in perfectly clear sonic space

The AttackWall redefines world class mixing environments. It's a free standing workstation that consistently produces the most amazingly clear sonic space you'll ever work in. The AttackWall produces a reliable, repeatable, and accurate sonic space in which to track, mix, and master, regardless of room or speaker system. 

The AttackWall was developed by collaboration over many years between recording engineer Sam Lynn and acoustic engineer Art Noxon.  It is a tried and proven self-standing acoustic space that delivers a professional mixing environment, certainly as good as and possibly even better than the big downtown studios.  It is a freestanding mixing engineer's workstation, a control room that can owned by the engineer, torn down and moved and setup into another location in a matter of hours and still sound exactly the same as before. 

Without good acoustics the engineer can’t hear the full content of the tracks and can’t get the mix right. In the AttackWall, we get a fantastic, clear perception of signal from the mix position, that stays independent of the room. It is so quick and easy to set up that traveling engineers just ship their Wall and monitors from job to job. They know they will have the same mixing environment no matter where they set up. Engineers like control and familiarity. And when they have to studio hop with the AttackWall, that’s exactly what they get.

"I was absolutely knocked out, just floored. I ordered an AttackWall right there, and it's been a part of my studio world ever since." Bruce Swedien
Grammy Award winning Producer


  • Tracking
  • Mixing 
  • Post Production
  • Sound Design

How It Works

Early Reflection Control

The AttackWall wraps around the console and engineer so neatly that very little sound escapes outside of the Wall.  Broad-band early reflections are controlled by the StudioTraps' absorptive sides, creating a reflection free zone (RFZ) right at the mix position, in any room.   The diffusive sides of all StudioTraps (the side with the silver button) should face away from the mix position to create a true RFZ.

Time-Delayed Ambient Backfill

The AttackWall absorbs image-smearing early reflections, but lets others escape to provide time-delayed backfill.  Without an ambient tail to the energy-time-curve, a reflection-free recording studio would be exhausting to work in.  The ambience is provided by the diffusive sides of the StudioTraps, which scatter sound at 500 Hz and higher.

Vertical Mode Control

Studio monitors are nested between MonitorStand Tops and Bases, which are specially built TubeTraps, designed for rapid absorption of expanding wavefronts and strength to support heavy speakers. The MonitorStands upset the vertical symmetry in the room. The lower trap aggressively absorbs bass before and after the floor bounce.  The upper trap also absorbs, but in addition, it vents bass into the low-pressure area outside the AttackWall, where the energy is dissipated and absorbed by nearby StudioTraps.

Monitor Loudspeaker Bass Control

The front surface of the AttackWall absorbs both the lateral and rearward expansion of the spherical bass wavefront. The upper and lower edges of the AttackWall facilitate diffractive diffusion of the bass wavefront as it expands around the edges and into the acoustic shadow space behind the AttackWall. This bass diffusing technique of edge diffraction converts a portion of the vertical expanding spherical wavefront in front of the AttackWall into a pair of tumbling bass wavefronts behind the AttackWall. Back venting the bass wavefront weakens the vertical wavefront just as it begins to impact the floor and ceiling thereby minimizing the buildup of vertical reflection and reverberation.


"You'll just have to hear it to believe it..."

Attack Wall Setups

...and after you hear it, you won't want to work anywhere else. And when it's time to move, just pack it up into the moving van with the rest of your gear and put it back together again when you get to your next studio space. It always sounds the same... perfect... and no adjustments are needed. 

A mid-field AttackWall develops the punch and power of far-field mains, with the detailed accuracy of near-field monitors.

Wrap the console with StudioTraps and add a few behind the mix position to create a repeatable, isolated, acoustic subspace, independent of the room. The absorbing side of the traps face the engineer to stop early reflections. The reflecting side of the traps (with the silver button) face the walls of the room to provide a time-delayed diffusive ambient kick. Speakers are mounted on MonitorStands which decouple the monitor from the vertical modes of the room. The speakers are snug fit into an acoustic wall formed by StudioTraps. The resulting AttackWall opens at the floor and ceiling to provide venting for the bass wave just prior to impact which further reduces (LF) coupling to the vertical modes. Best of all, it makes any room into a consistently reliable environment. 

StudioTraps to the outside of the monitors control side wall reflections.  StudioTraps are set up behind the engineer to provide diffusion and isolation off the back wall. With the diffusive sides facing the walls, an LEDE-type sonic signature is created and is suitable for any monitoring system from dual 15's to a single 6.

The wrap around Attack Wall delivers the kind of mix that will stand up anywhere.


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AttackWalls are all custom tailored to your room and console. A typical AttackWall consists of 16 StudioTraps and two 13" monitor stacks. Price: $11,824.

The most basic AttackWall setup consists of flanking both sides of each monitor with a StudioTrap, requiring four StudioTraps. Price: $2,356.

Each StudioTrap sells for $589.

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