Acoustic Sciences at AES Conference 137

Acoustic Sciences will be exhibiting the AttackWall at the 137th AES Conference in Los Angeles in conjunction with RSPE and TOWERSONIC.

The 137th AES Convention will take place October 9-12 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, located in the revitalized L.A. Live district. Returning to Los Angeles after nearly 12 years, the AES Convention will bring together the world’s largest gathering of audio professionals. Attendees will be offered opportunities to hear from top audio industry figures while also sharing in the latest research and technology information through informative papers, tutorials, workshops and special events.

We have arranged for you to receive a free Exhibits-Plus Badge good for the Exhibition, all Special Events, Project Studio Expo and Live Sound Expo.

AES 137



ASC will be showing off the AttackWall, the world class mixing acoustical environment. The AttackWall is used by many audio recording and production professionals, and is used to mix popular music, films, television and more. Music mixed on the AttackWall has won numerous Grammys and Emmys.

Here are some well-known users of the AttackWall:

Dave Kutch

Dave Kutch, Mastering Engineer

“After a couple of years of research, I've chosen the AttackWall... I am no longer fighting the 'room sound' by increasing the volume to overpower it.”
Dave's Profile

Greg Scott | ubk

Great Scott, Engineer

“If I could go back in time to 20 years ago when I first started engineering, I would not buy a single piece of gear until I had an AttackWall.”
Greg's Profile

Bruce Swedien

Bruce Swedien, Emmy Winning Producer

“I have found that with the AttackWall, no monitor EQ is necessary. With good monitor speakers, you hear smooth, linear sound.”
Bruce's Profile

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