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Big Church Acoustics

Art Noxon

Originally featured in Church & Worship Technology, October, 2001


"All too often, a church is built like a civic auditorium--big space and many seats--yet in the case of a large church, the building is expected to perform like a church. An auditorium is made for "auditing", or listening. A church is made for auditing and singing, therein lies the important difference. Most acoustic design projects, and churches are no exception, start with a budget and a vision. By the time the building committee is finished with a fully functional church, it will have allocated about 10 percent of the total building budget to the acoustics, and that does not include the sound system, wiring, the audio room or the sound equipment. The hope is, after all is said and done, that the church will actually sound like a church."

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BIG Church Acoustics (PDF Version)

Art Noxon is a fully accredited Acoustical Engineer with Master of Science degrees in Mechanical Engineering/Acoustics and Physics. A Professional Engineer since 1982, he is licensed in Oregon to practice engineering in the public domain with the specialty area of acoustics. A prolific inventor, he developed and patented the iconic TubeTrap, the original corner-loaded bass trap/treble diffuser, 150 other acoustic devices, and counting. Lecturer, writer, and teacher of acoustics, he has presented 7 AES papers, numerous magazine articles, white papers and blogs. He is president of Acoustic Sciences Corporation, the company he founded in 1984.