Media Rooms

Sound-on-Screen® is our system for fusing sonic and visual imaging on the movie screen in small rooms.  Our ESS acoustic package converts standard LCR sound systems into a presentation format like a downtown cinema, where every seat is a great seat.

Our Sound-on-Screen acoustic package delivers the kind of sonic imaging you've always wanted...

Acoustically dead home theaters and time aligned cross hair listening makes for great sound at the sweet spot. Unfortunately no one else in the room can hear that sound. What they do hear is the sounds coming from the nearest speaker.

Basic Concepts

Build it Right — Home Theater Soundproofing

There's “traditional soundproofing” and there's “audio soundproofing.

Either method of soundproofing will keep the sound from coming in or leaving the room, but one will improve and enhance the listening experience, and the other will wreak havoc on even the finest audio playback system.

Do you know the difference between the two? We do.

For over 20 years, we have been helping to build some of the world's finest Recording Studios and dedicated Hi-Fi Listening Rooms. Our engineers have designed the 'gold standard' in audio reproduction soundproofing walls. The Iso-Wall system not only blocks sound, it helps to condition and absorb unwanted low-frequency sound reflections--minimizing room modes and standing waves.

Maximize the Listening Experience — Home Theater Room Acoustics

Just like a music performance hall, a home theater room needs to be designed to minimize acoustic room distortions. Each seat in the theater should have crystal clear sound, and the sound system should be able to be played back at it's optimal performance levels.

A theater room without acoustic treatments, would be comparable to a symphony playing in a gymnasium--versus a concert hall. In the concert hall, the sound will be engaging and enveloping to the audiance. In the gymnasium, it will sound distorted, overpowering, and lack clarity. Custom Home Theater Designers have known for years the value of including room acoustics into their plans.


• Audio Room Soundproofing

Floating Isolated Walls & Ceilings, combined with Visco-Elastic structural Damping used throughout the assembly at key contact points and junctions

• Bass Traps

Whether it's a ceiling mounted Acoustic Soffit System, free-standing TubeTrap Cinema Columns, or wall-mounted PCADs, we first look to stabalize the low frequency distortion caused by standing waves and room modes.

• Acoustic  Wall Panels

Control of early reflections, flutter echo and room reverberation

• Diffusion

Back-scattering strong direct wave fronts by diffusing them. Nearly all of our products incorporate high frequency membrane diffusors.

Great For

  • Custom Home Theaters
  • Mixed Media Rooms
  • Hybrid Living / Media Rooms
  • Gaming Rooms
  • Entertainment Centers