High End Audio

...is where the dedicated listening room hosts a carefully matched ensemble of finely crafted playback instruments and the very best in audio gear, gathered together to play - and replay - the most wonderful recordings music has to offer.  The room plays the music, certainly, but moreover, a true high end room cognitively engages the listener, carrying them into the musical stream itself.  We are dedicated to transforming a simple listening room into a high end listening room, one that complements and enables your sound system to realize and present its full potential.  This is what we've been doing for over 3 decades, and would love to do for you.

We start with calming the building structure using damping and our Iso-Wall System.

Next, we control the early reverberant field in the plane of the speakers using TubeTraps.

Rear wall bass bounce is eliminated using larger diameter TubeTraps w/Isothermal upgrade.

Finally, mid/treble reflections are absorbed and diffused using flat panels such as SoundPlanks.

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